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  • Attorney Joshua Hale has been practicing law in San Diego and acting as a legal consultant in many different countries for the better part of the a decade. He has worked and lived in USA, Mexico, El Salvador, Hong Kong, Holland, Scotland, Canada and Guam, and handled matters from many different and exotic locales.
  • During that time, he has helped local and international companies and private individuals deal with local governments and laws. HLG contracts with many local firms to act as local counsel, and to protect the interests of his clients, here and abroad.
  • Mr. Hale's family has roots back to the American Revolution, and he works, breathes, and lives to give back to the men and women who devote themselves to the US military. Ask about military discount for all active, retired, and honorably discharged military personel.
  • His work experience as a lawyer, includes extensive criminal law representation, business litigation, and consulting work to help with legal matters in many nations. HLG now is able and willing to consult on matters in over 120+ nations.

Personal Info

  • +1 619 663 9384
  • 4630 Border Village Road, N171 San Ysidro, CA 92173
  • jhale@hesocal.com
  • Fax - +1 (619) 342-7158

International Legal Consulting/ Local business law

HLG is ready, willing and able to consult on legal matters in 120+ nations. We work with local governments, nations, and counsel to give your business or personal interests the edge it needs. As an international legal consultant, Attorney Hale as a go between with your firm, and interests abroad. For additional peace of mind, finances can be handled through his California state approved client trust account. Our experience locally can help your business deal with local legal issues, or help with asset protection within California.

DUI and criminal representation

Attorney Hale got his start representing the interests of criminal defendants in the state of California. he has handled cases including but not limited to DUI, traffic, domestic violence, theft, burglary, assault, reckless endangerment, child abuse, and mansalughter; many to great success. (Past history of success is no guarantee or warranty of current results) Due to his extensive background in these matters, he continues to represent criminal defendants when time permits,and the case warrants having a private attorney represent the client.

Personal Injury

Part and partial of having a full service firm, is helping people who have been hurt through no fault of their own, by negligent third parties. (HLG does not handle workman's compensation cases) If you've been injured by no fault of your own, by a third party, HLG can likely help you get back to normal. While each case is unique, and can have drastically different results, Attorney Hale, through a proven history of success and negotiations could be a very good choice to help you through this matter. (Past history of success is no guarantee or warranty of current results)

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